Tuesday, May 24th, 2022


DJ Bookings (Worldwide):
James @ Evolution Artists:
Tel: +44 (0)7725 225 052
E: [email protected]

North American DJ Bookings & Tours:
Scott McCusker @ Cyber Groove Agency
Office: +1 917 727 9361
E: [email protected]


Send your stuff for John B to check out and maybe play in his sets, on the podcast – or sign to one of the labels:

Beta Recordings: www.beta-recordings.com
Solid, Epic, Technical, Dancefloor Smasher Drum & Bass.

Nu-Electro: www.nu-electro.com
D&B or 4/4 Techno/House tempos. Electro/Retro/DanceRock anything goes!

Tangent Recordings: www.tangent-recordings.com
Soulful, Liquid, Melodic & Atmospheric D&B.

Demo Submission

Send soundcloud links to [email protected]

Podcast shouts/dedications etc

If you want to send us your comments or shout-outs for the podcast, send them to [email protected] and we’ll do our best to read as many out as possible (if you can record audio and send a little mp3 shout we might even use that too!). Please let us know where you are from too!