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John B Podcast 062: Live @ Virgin Club, Pforzheim Feb 2009



1. Bloc Party – Trojan Horse (John B Epic Mix) [Wichita]
2. Conrad S – Apologies (Phrenzy Remix)
3. John B – Light Speed [Beta]
4. John B – Dancing in the Dark [Beta]
5. Camo & Krooked – Synthetics
6. Fresh – Offworld (ReEdit) [BBK]
7. Nine Alien Kittin Morning Bees
8. Klement – Come Away
9. Madmen & Poets feat. Mezzi – Estrogen
10. The Locarnos – Make Up Your Mind (Alex Metric Remix – John B ReEdit)
11. Phace – Cold Champagne [Neosignal]
12. Squash – Future City
13. Lazee – Hold On (Matrix & Futurebound’s Terrace Tantrum Remix)
14. Mylo – In My Arms (Concept & Shnek Bootleg)
15. John B – Mercury Skies (Subsonik Remix v1) [Beta]
16. Unknown – Deadmau5 Remix
17. Kubrak – Fast Forward [Breed]
18. The Upbeats – SFX
19. Teknik – Old Haunt
20. Intra:mental v dBridge – Detuned [Darkestral Recordings]
21. Camo & Krooked – Mindset [Hopefully Beta!]
22. Klement – Girls
23. Justin Timberlake – Sexy back (Alavi ReRox Remix)
24. The Hacker – Maximum Joy
25. Hacker feat. Dirk Da Davo – Better Way (long version)
26. Sebastian Leger – Majestic
27. Les Schmitz – Positive (Amo & Navas Rework 2008)
28. Anthony Rother – Planet Telekraft
29. John B – The Journey [Beta]
30. Spor – Aztec [Shogun]
31. Shock One – Polygon [Viper]
32. Katy Perry – I Kissed a Girl (Body & Soul Remix)
33. John B – I’ve Been Stalking You On Myspace [Beta]
34. Klaxons – Not Over Yet (Nero Remix)
35. John Bourke – What Is Love


John B @ Virgin Club, Pforzheim 14.02.09


12 Responses to “John B Podcast 062: Live @ Virgin Club, Pforzheim Feb 2009”
  1. Hendrik says:

    thank you for this great gig see you again in pforzheim

  2. Where is the party? says:


  3. Daniel says:

    yeah =) that was probably the best party i’ve ever been to !!!
    loved it

    looking forward to seeing you in Mannheim

    thx again for the picture 😉

    ( )

    Big up

  4. Silvah says:

    Nice one JB, this set fuckin’ rocks mate!!!! ;o)

  5. Bastion Papillon says:

    beyond question it was the perfect decision to celebrate my birthday at this incredible party!
    best gig i’ve ever seen rather heard beside the one of you at kings of the jungle in hamburg the weekend before 😉

    … so i will definately enjoy the party at TBA mannheim in may!!!

    thanks for the fancy picture and the best birthday party so far =)

  6. [m] says:

    Lazee – Hold On (Matrix & Futurebound's Terrace Tantrum Remix)


  7. Daniel says:

    @[m]: dito !!
    also one of my favourites =)

  8. kkll2 says:

    The Journey (1:42) is amazing!!!

    Where can I get that one? And why are your iTunes songs still DRM-infested!?

  9. John B says:

    the journey is coming on my new album – so you have to wait a bit….

    re itunes – i dunno – have to speak to my people about that. not very happy with my itunesery to be honest – hope to improve it soon!


    john b

  10. mbirth says:

    Greeeaaat set!! Your name is a guarantee for really rocking DnB…

    I hope you'll be in Berlin some day…

    btw: Is there any place where I can find the track #9: Madmen & Poets feat. Mezzi – Estrogen … I really loooooove the vocals?

    Cheers from Germany

  11. ph3n says:

    Madmen & Poets feat. Mezzi – Estrogen

    ^when does that badboy drop? shits amazing

  12. Kevin says:

    ok i have to know what the name of the trax is the is hiddin between Nine Alian Kittin Morning Bee and Klement – Come Away that track is amazing also it that Unknown – Deadmau5 Remix track ever going to be up for grabs to ????? please get back to me i have to know lol

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