Thursday, June 13th, 2024

John B Podcast 064: Video from Pirate Station 31.01.09


720p HD Tour video of John B’s biggest gig ever to 25,000+ ravers at the SKK arena in St. Petersburg for the Pirate Station ‘Immortal’ Event.

Loads of live footage from his set in the main arena, then the VIP Deluxe arena for his 2nd set. Crazy performances from acrobats and performance artists & sexydancers on-stage. And some bonus footage from the artists’ area backstage, and pretty scary video of stilt walkers falling over! (We hope they’re ok!)

Much love to all the Russian fans, all the organisers & crew that made the event as amazing and memorable as it was!

To be followed by another video of all the random backstage drunken banter 😉

If you want to download the video file for iphone & ipod click here.

If you want to download the BIG 720p video file compatible with most players click here.

AND you can see all the photos from the event if you click here.

John B @ Pirate Station 7. 2009.

John B @ Pirate Station 7, St. Petersburg 31.01.09


One Response to “John B Podcast 064: Video from Pirate Station 31.01.09”
  1. Ilya says:

    heh jonny u’re cheap mother fucker =)
    don’t you get bored with this elektro punky shit u’re doing?

    vodka, kgb. brrr =)

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