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John B Podcast 072: November 2009 Studio Mix Pt.2


John B back on the decks for another hour-long studio mix session. New tracks from Camo & Krooked, Noisia, Subfocus and Spor – plus a special preview of a new track from John B’s next album…

John B Podcast 072 Tracklist:

1. Frankmusik // 3 Little Words
2. Camo & Krooked // Skyline (Beta Recordings CDR)
3. Noisia & Phace // Floating Zero (Invisible)
4. Xilent // Dislocation (Beta Recordings CDR)
5. Evilnine – Live (TC Remix)
6. Culture Shock // Gears (Ram)
7. John B // Mercury Skies (Subsonik Remix)
8. Subfocus // Deep Space (Ram)
9. Dillinja // Threshold (Prototype)
10. Spor // Overdue (Lifted Music)
11. The Upbeats // Tor (BC Recordings)
12. Bassment Jaxx // Twerk (Subfocus Remix)
13. Hadouken! // Mad (Phace Remix)
14. Tiga // Speak Memory
15. John B feat. Shaz Sparks // Shining in the Dark (v1.1)
16. Bloc Party // Trojan Horse (John B Remix)
17. Camo & Krooked // Vampires VIP

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Photos taken from John B @ PVV Ideon, Czech Republic 29.05.09

John B @ PVV Ideon, Czech Republic 29.05.09

John B @ PVV Ideon, Czech Republic 29.05.09

John B @ PVV Ideon, Czech Republic 29.05.09

John B @ PVV Ideon, Czech Republic 29.05.09


16 Responses to “John B Podcast 072: November 2009 Studio Mix Pt.2”
  1. Max says:

    the best!
    *from russia ^)

  2. george says:

    great music, bes regards from u.s.

  3. jonik s nikitovki says:

    great πŸ˜€

  4. SpLendid2k4 says:

    Excellent work – as always.

  5. [m] says:

    Shining in the Dark r00x

  6. Foley says:

    Johny thanx for unbeliveble Podcast! Keep it up!!! πŸ˜‰ First tune is awesome!

  7. Cube says:

    Just Awesome!
    Shining in the Dark…I waiting on your new album! will be awesome too!!

    Greetings from Hungary!

  8. Ben Gentle says:

    John B totally crashed a dream I was having and it was good enough to go in my dreamlogue so here it is:

    …Meanwhile, John B was holding a contest to see who would get to party with him in Fla. The contest was at an indoor pool & he ended up picking more than one person as the winner. I was one picked & rushed to my mother go get the keys to her car so I could get my stuff. Her keys popped out of her cellphone & I couldn’t find the right gadget that would produce the key & held up the caravan somewhat with the rest of the partygoers in it. I had finally succeeded & just as I was about to round the last corner to the open-air party bus, John B in full regalia appeared. I knew he was checking to see what was taking so long but I gave him the signal & I was in. I explained to my mother I didn’t know how I was going to get back but that I would go anyway. We arrived in some night club & I guess I was the last man standing because John B was finishing out the party at my house. The kitchen was a combination of the one I live in now & my childhood home. The island was turned longways & we were scouring the kitchen for food. While he was busy preparing it up, I wrote a paragraph that had a slight tinge of rhyme in the end about songwriting. When he read it, he began adding on & I was in hopes he was in the makings of a great song. Next thing I knew, his song-making equipment was out and he was putting some finishing touches on the demo. I was proud at what was achieved & proclaimed “break time!” at the perfect time. I told him about how I first heard him using torrents but that I had since had the album purchased as a Christmas gift for me. I thought that was funny. He looked at me as if to say “is that all you got (of my music)?” and I looked at my collection. I saw something else I had of his & flashed it but both agreed that I shouldn’t have had that one. It only had three tracks on it with one being only halfway decent. Then I woke up.

    YEAH! I was visiting grandparents with the fam’ prior to your entry, man. I’m asking for the John B t-shirt for Christmas this year. Yeah!!! ROCK

  9. Pavel says:

    Jonh-B THE BEST!!! FOREVER!!! Russia love you!!! πŸ™‚

  10. DIEM says:

    Very nice mix! many positive emotions at listening.

  11. Valera says:

    Hi Johny!
    You’re the best!!!
    Huge greetings from Kyiv Ukraine.

  12. Le'Lique says:

    From Russia with love! ))))
    Really, The Best, nothing to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

  13. dnbmouse says:

    good podcast. thanks

  14. Name says:

    I love this music!!! It’s awesome!! With big love from Russia!!!

  15. "Hardcore" Junglist ;D says:

    awesome as always, thank you

  16. Dress Pants says:

    you don’t often see party buses everyday, i just thought that they are the coolest stuff in town `~:

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