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John B Podcast 073: January 2010 Studio Mix


John B on the decks for the first podcast of 2010 featuring brand new tracks by Camo & Krooked, Receptor, The Upbeats and a rather naughty Rage Against the Machine remix…


1. Alix Metric – It Starts Again (John B Re-Edit)
2. Specialist Sound – Sirens
3. Receptor – Princess [Beta]
4. Seba – Painted Sky [SecretOperations]
5. The Upbeats – Big Skeleton [Non Vogue]
6. Receptor – Ass [Beta]
7. Tomcraft – Time For Livin (Electrixx Remix)
8. Vitalic – Poison Lips
9. Abe Duque & Blake Baxter – Let’s Take It Back (Joey Beltram Remix)
10. Camo & Krooked – The Big Rush [Nasca]
11. System – Peach Fuzz – [Exit Recordings]
12. The Upbeats – Untitled Evy Tekno
13. Camo & Krooked – Mindset [Beta]
14. Ares Solto – Le Jardin (John B Re-Edit)
15. Specialist Sound – Heartbeatz
16. Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the Name Of (L Plus Remix)
17. Freeland – Borderline (John B Re-Edit)
18. John B – Robot Lover [Beta]
19. Depeche Mode – Wrong (Trentemoller Club Remix Dub)

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Photos taken from John B at Club Fleda, Brno, Czech Republic 18.12.09

John B @ Club Fleda, Brno 18.12.09

John B @ Club Fleda, Brno 18.12.09

John B @ Club Fleda, Brno 18.12.09

John B @ Club Fleda, Brno 18.12.09


36 Responses to “John B Podcast 073: January 2010 Studio Mix”
  1. FIRST @ BRAZIL says:


  2. admin says:

    haha! you got in there quick mate! from Brazil too? nice one! 😉

  3. GENXGLOW says:

    BIG UPS from your friends at!

  4. lunatic says:

    gr8 tune

  5. Dagred says:

    Why Electro/Techno? Play only d’n’b please 🙂

  6. Scratchcon says:

    Nice nice chicken and spice.

  7. yonnie says:

    ummm…. Dagred.. this is dnb…

  8. greenj2 says:

    Champion sounds sir! Many thanks! 😀

  9. kolt says:

    man, the track that starts at 8:35 is super awesome. it should be receptor, right?

  10. David says:

    Great vibes, Sir! Looking forward to seeing+hearing you in Trier, Germany (or Austria :-D) in a week!

    best regards,

  11. prologue says:

    nice1, Alix Metric – It Starts Again (John B Re-Edit) and also Receptor – Princess ftw!!

  12. Dynasteel says:

    Damn, nice podcast…everythink from you is beautiful ! Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the Name Of ..great song and great rmx by L-Plus from my country Czech republic… thanks 4 party @ Fleda man !! BIG UP !!

  13. Kuzzzma says:

    HIIII Johny, last podcasts since number 69 are the best what I ever heard, Viva la JohnB!!!
    And thank you, that you are often in Czech Rebublic! Roxy Prague is best:-)

  14. vetaljke says:

    Привет john!Я твой фан из Украины, что не подкаст то пушка.Прослушал уже много раз очень крутой, желаю успехов в творчестве !

  15. Alexei @ Russia says:

    true sound! awesome!

  16. Receptor ASS!! yea! thx man!

  17. Toilet.P says:

    Hey John, you’re awesome. But, please, make no mistakes in name of ALEX Metric 🙂

    Hope, you’ll get to Roxy in Prague one more time, babe!

    Regards, Toilet.P

  18. Men From Siberia says:

    John its great as usual!:) Thank you for your podcasts and live mixs! i like it so much! 🙂

  19. admin says:

    thanks for all the positive comments guys – nice to know you’re out there and listening! If you want to help out with our profile on iTunes please subscribe to the podast through there, and rate/comment the podcast within itunes 😉

  20. Jip says:

    John, when is your action figure coming on the market?
    The one with the two turntables and build-in ‘good-party-guaranteed-tunes’?!

    You really got some awesome tunes in there again!
    Keep it coming mate, I’m loving it!

    (Hope by now your mean-man-monster-cold is over again.. been a week since releasing the podcast now ;))

  21. ToMiNo says:

    Epic like all your podcasts 🙂 Good Job 😉

  22. great mix ! love the jungle vibe. that Seba Tune “Painted sky” is awsome!

  23. zor says:

    John B you are good glance in to us in Ukraine / Donetsk))

  24. Cube says:

    ROBOT LOVER !!! I LOoOoOvE IT !!!!
    Awesome Podcast! …as always 🙂
    We waiting for you! greetings from Hungary!

    And a question:

    What is the first track in this video clip?
    Thanks for your help!

  25. dszilike says:

    f*ck….I always fall in love with the 1st song…great podcast! 😀

  26. imp says:

    It`s TNT

  27. ghs says:

    Nice one !!! Thx from Poland and hope to see you soon !!!

  28. NightFlow says:

    Hei !!! Congratz John B for all your music. I love it ! Lookin’ forword for your gig at DnBase in Timisoara, Romania. It would be a great experience, for me and for all the DnB, Trance’n Bass romanian lads. 🙂
    Epic podcasts you create, good all sounds. Can you tell me the “.xml” adress to subscribe to iTunes? In Romania we don’t have an Apple store and this is the problem I get when I click on your automat subscription, from your homepage. 😉
    thx! See you in Romania!!!! We’ll wait for u!

    John B for president 😉

  29. Александр says:

    The comrade -= John B =- to me to like to listen to your music this that that so for a long time did not suffice in RUSSIA, I live in Siberia and it is very a pity that you do not come to us, as very many people want to see YOU in alive!!!!!!

  30. Ivan R. says:

    Keep on!!! Individualistic inovative ….your mixi-s and music gives me inspiration..

    yes..I am from Kotor city , now liveing in… Belgrade… Sound design and Music production Academy of arts….
    Nice to see…

  31. anon says:

    lose the fat, John… seriously.

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