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John B Podcast 078: Live @ Chateau Knarz, Ulm, May 2010


John B’s back with a mighty 2 hour DJ set recorded live at Chateau Knarz in Ulm, Germany back in May 2010 – playing a mixed set of Electro, Techno, Electro-house, Drum & Bass, and, erm, a bit of 80s and even AC/DC… ROCK ON!

John B Podcast 78 Tracklist:

1. Tiga // What You Need (Steve Aoki Remix)
2. Strip Steve // Breakin (Rynecologist Remix)
3. Maral Salmassi // Alles Klar!
4. Boys Noize // Sweet Light (Boris Dlugosch Remix)
5. James Harcourt // Unpleasant Surprise (Popof Remix)
6. Moguai // Oyster
7. Moguai // D.S.F.H
8. Tiga // What you Need (A-Trak Remix)
9. Tom Deluxx // Run (Cyberpunkers Remix)
10. Zedd // The Anthem (Lucky Date Remix)
11. Vandalism // Throw Your Hands Up (Angger Dimas Remix)
12. The Soulbrothers // 21st Century Disco Shit (Miles Dyson Remix)
13. Felix Da Housecat // Silver Screen Shower Scene (Chuckie Remix)
14. Moguai // Imperial
15. A-Ha // The Sun Always Shines on TV (Extended Version)
16. New Order // Blue Monday
17. DJ Hell vs. Trans X // Living on Video
18. Eurythmics // Sweet Dreams
19. Stacey // Two Of Hearts
20. Yazoo // Don’ go (12″ Version)
21. Vitalic // Poison Lips
22. Kiko // Maximale
23. Utku S // Equilibrium
24. Cold Blank // The Flying Cat (Alex Mind Remix)
25. Joey Beltram // Energy Flash
26. Funkagenda // H3lix
27. Noisia // Machine Gun (Spor Remix)
28. Terravita // Up In The Club
29. DJ Fresh // Kryptonite
30. John B // Numbers (Camo & Krooked VIP Remix)
31. Sigma // Stronger
32. Billy Idol // Rebel Yell (Gmorozov Remix)
33. Chicane // Come Back Stay (Shock One Remix)
34. Terravita // Lockdown
35. Rockwell // Full Circle
36. Sunshine // Victim Is Another Name for Lover
37. D*Minds // T-10 (D*Minds Gangster Step Remix)
38. Cube // Nigh Trip
39. Depeche Mode // New Life (John B Remix)
40. Subsonik & MC Messinian // We’re Coming Back
41. AC/DC // Back In Black
42. Nena // 99 Lufballons

If you hate iTunes and want to download the podcast for your skanky non-apple mp3 player then here’s the link:

Photos courtesy of all available on John B’s flickr gallery here.

John B @ Chateau Knarz, May 2010

John B @ Chateau Knarz, May 2010

John B @ Chateau Knarz, May 2010

John B @ Chateau Knarz, May 2010

John B @ Chateau Knarz, May 2010

John B @ Chateau Knarz, May 2010

John B @ Chateau Knarz, May 2010


19 Responses to “John B Podcast 078: Live @ Chateau Knarz, Ulm, May 2010”
  1. Zolika says:

    Hey! Good mix but bad link 🙂 Please fix it 🙂

  2. kuzzzma says:

    hey johny it’s Podcast——–.jpg New era of downloading. 2 hours mighty set comprimed to the one jpeg 🙂 Great!!

  3. Maximilian says:

    Sweet. Makes me feel good like Marina and the Diamond’s music.

  4. Charlie says:

    Wicked! Downloading with anticipation. You de mon John.

  5. Dagred says:

    Great! 42 tracks – nice 😉

  6. m4nD4r1nE says:

    Fuckin’ Awesome Set! Great Work


  7. m4nD4r1nE says:

    Fuckin’ awesome Liveset!

    Great Work


  8. vitaly says:

    SUPER-PUPER-PODCAST! Супер-пупер-подкаст!!!

  9. Cryshoot says:

    Woohooo new stuff review coming soon

  10. patres says:

    Very nice , i like it

  11. subsessa says:

    never loved john b on electro/techno music. mix’s not great, really, but it’s recorded when john b played live, and it means that atmosphere and the name “john b” in chateau knarz did it’s work)i just wanna say, that maybe this mix in home-listening isn’t great, but i’m sure that in Ulm it was very great)

  12. Hush Cat says:

    Nice show. Supporting the set over on our site.

  13. dszilike says:

    Good one. Enjoyed it 😉

  14. dszilike says:

    Good one. Enjoyed it 😉

  15. прокси says:

    анонимный прокси сервер


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