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John B Podcast 084: Live @ Play! Cologne 05.11.10


John B on the decks recorded live at the Play! Xtralarge event at Papierfabrik in Cologne, Germany in November 2010. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

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1. John B // The Horde (Cologne VIP Intro)
2. Phetsta // Prism
3. Indivision // Motion Blur [Beta Recordings]
4. Input feat Smooth // Give You More
5. Terravita // Nail In The Coffin [Beta Recordings]
6. Science Fiction // White Dots
7. Digitalism // Pogo (Override Remix)
8. Stereotype & Tapolskiy // Sunrise
9. Alix Pirez feat. Noisia // Loose Ends
10. Gemini // Without You [Beta Recordings]
11. The Prototypes // BREATHLESS
12. Danny Byrd // We Can Have It All (Sigma Remix)
13. Grossstadtgefluster // Haufenweise Scheisse (John B Edit)
14. Fisherspooner // Emerge (John B Remix)
15. Felix Da Housecat // Everyone is Someone in LA (John B Remix)
16. Upbeats & Gridlock // The Jitters [Ram]
17. Camo & Krooked feat. Shaz Sparks // Time Is Ticking Away (WAV)
18. Cube // Metrolovers [Nu Electro]
19. I Blame Coco // In Spirit Golden (DC Breaks Remix)
20. Terravita // And The Beat Goes On
21. High Rankin // State Pump [Beta Recordings]
22. Subwave // Ubikz
23. Indivision & Livewire feat. Nelver // Irresistible
24. Gemini // Destiny
25. ShockOne // Polygon (Dirtyphonics Remix)
26. Tiga // Move My Body (Original Mix)
27. Peaches // Trick Or Treat
28. Hall & Oates // Private Eyes (Drivepilot Dubstep Remix)
29. J. Rabbit & Tremourz // Energy Legs
30. Nirvana // Smells Like Teen Spirit (Phil Mac Remix)
31. Blokhe4d // Beyond The Void
32. Metrik vs. Smith & Selway // The Departure
33. Above & Beyond, Gareth Emery // On A Good Day (Metropolis) [J Majik & Wickerman Remix]
34. Noisia & Alix Perez // Underprint
35. GMorosov // Pleasure Generator [Nu Electro]
36. Break // Salvage (feat. Nico)
37. Rockwell // Dj Friendly Unit Shifter
38. Gmorosov // Internet = Hate [Nu Electro]
39. Gmorozov // Time Of Our Lives [Nu Electro]
40. John B // Deutsche Madchen
41. John B // Disco Ho Ho (Mashup/Re-Mix)
42. Cirez D // On Off (Cube Bootleg-Remix)
43. John B // Robot Lover {Beta Recordings]
44. Hybrid // Unfinished Sympathy (D&B Bootleg Remix)
45. Avicii & Sebastien Drums // My Feelings For You (The Prototypes Remix)
46. John B // Up All Night (Epic Mix) [Metalheadz]
47. Mikal // Headbanger [Metalheadz]
48. John B // Drunken Rambling on the mic
49. John B // Numbers (Camo & Krooked Remix) [Beta Recordings]


24 Responses to “John B Podcast 084: Live @ Play! Cologne 05.11.10”
  1. Annys says:

    Where is the podcast from czech republic(velvet revolution)?

  2. John B says:

    We didn’t record the gig in Czech Republic sorry! But I think I played quite a few of the same songs…

  3. Codesleuth says:

    Didn’t you say at the end of episode 83 that this was gonna be a studio set?

    Not that I’m complaining… can’t get better than a John B podcast!

  4. Chris says:

    Great set!!!
    What about the gig in lucerne (11.12.2010)? Have you recorded it as well?

  5. 9ink6 says:

    Spasibo John B . Wait you on Pirate Station Teatro )))))))))))

  6. Fré says:

    Finally it’s there. I looked for it every single day. Cologne was so awesome!!!
    Thank you.

  7. Well at last that episode 084!!!!! IT’s Great!!!! SPASIBO, OTLICHNO!!!!!

  8. TnT says:

    Amazing Podcast! In my opinion one of the best! You can hear me twice (48:40: ooooooh, juuuuungeeee; XX:XX don’t know) its me on the photos 😉

  9. Charlotte says:

    Hi is the set fromk Charlotte, NC recorded? I would love that set if possible.

  10. CatFromPoland says:

    I must say that you’re soo goood DJ! I started listening to your podcasts 2 month (maybe less) ago and now I’m addicted!!! I especially like Podcast no. 76 and 78, but other podcasts are great too 😉

    Now I’m downloading this podcast and I can’t wait to hear it.

    Dear John B, would you come to Poland and play your remarkable Podcast? Have you ever been in Poland? I just don’t know so I’m asking here.

    Peace, Love and Drum’n’Bass!

  11. John B says:

    Thanks for all the nice comments folks! Glad you like the set!

  12. CatFromPoland says:

    Thanks for reply man :/

    • Henryk H. says:


      FYI, John B was in Poland couple times. He played in Chorzow, Łodz, Warsaw, Cracow & Katowice (I suppose).
      If he want to play somewhere in Poland, then he’ll do it. Or if he’ll be asked to play in here.

      Next time use google.

  13. Cube says:

    Niiiice long set! wicked!!

  14. Gaz Thomas says:

    Only just managed to listen to the Cologne set, once again, awesome!! So glad you’re still dropping Time is ticking away-love that tune so so much!

  15. Um, I was totally hoping for the year end studio mix!!!

    Seriously, what is this “going running” and “doing your taxes” when you could be provided us with free music…anyways…looking forward to a new mix when you get to it.

    BTW, I’m still lovin’ the Vaporize(Subfocus)/Hoang (MRSA remix) mix on a previous edition…that’s mashup material right there.

  16. xpressiv says:

    Nice set John B !! Amazing !!!
    French people love drum’n’bass 😀

  17. Léo says:

    Fuck yeaaahhhhhhh ! You’re good John Boy! Do you think one day you’ll come in Bordeaux in France? Come oooooon, so much wine for your pleasure and for a good set!

  18. Alexey says:

    Spasibo, John!
    Welcome back to Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. We are waiting for you.

  19. Ivan Howlett says:

    Privet John!))))
    Will You record the gig in Vladivostok 28.01.2011 ? )))))))

  20. Kevin says:

    OMG..!! Bless the John B an yet another smash up set bro Lovin it hard lol. Any chance you’ll be me making a trip to Canada..!?? im dieing to see you Live 🙂 please say yes Big Ups..!!

  21. Adrian says:

    Does anyone here know when GMorozov’s Time of Our Lives / Generation 0 will be released?

  22. Malina says:

    This podcast is GREAT! I really love it)
    Privet from Kazan! We’re waiting for you this summer, John, URA!


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