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John B Podcast 086: Live @ Metalheadz Blue Note Sessions, Miami 27.03.11


Another live set for you here, recorded during the Miami Music Week, at the Metalheadz Blue Note Sessions party, with John B playing classics from that era, recreating the vibes from the seminal Metalheadz Sunday sessions nights at the Blue Note in Hoxton, London, back in the the day…


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Doc Scott – Unofficial Ghost
Boymerang – Still
Dillinja – Deadly Deep Subs (Remix)
John B – Pressure
Dillinja – Armoured D
John B – Secrets
Doc Scott – Drumz
Alex Reece – Pulp Fiction
Nasty Habits – Shadowboxing (Remix)
Dillinja – Unexplored Terrain
John B – Sight Beyond
Dom & Roland – Cant Punish Me
Krust – Soul In Motion
Origin Unknown – Valley Of The Shadows
Omni Trio – Renegade Snares (Foul Play remix)
Dillinja – Silver Blade
Jonny L – Brother
John B – Up All Night
Digital & Spirit – Phantom force
Adam F – Circles
Dillinja – Acid Trak
808 State – Azura (Dillinja Remix)
J Majik – Your Sound
Digital & Spirit – Remote Control
Dillinja – Hard Noize
Adam F – Metropolis
LTJ Bukem – Music
Dillinja – Angels Fell


30 Responses to “John B Podcast 086: Live @ Metalheadz Blue Note Sessions, Miami 27.03.11”
  1. Ardi says:

    Cant wait! Download faster!!!

  2. DeadSilence says:

    Waiting you in Kazan in summer 🙂

  3. Luk says:

    Shit ! John B were is tracks like Hybrid symphony and Tesla Boy. Don`t play non stop the same music.

  4. Krasnapolsky says:

    don’t like.
    it’s pure aggro dnb just like the classic set -.-

    but apart from that ur taste rockz… i really digg podcast 84 of the last 5 ones.

    waiting for the next podcast 😛

  5. Hrafntinna says:

    Hi, John!
    When will you emerge your studio podcast? This/Next month? Can’t wait for it!!!

  6. Phrenzy says:

    Don’t listen to these newbs John, this set was the shit. Love the Electro-robot-dnb, but man, this brought back some memories. Playing early sets in second rooms in like 98-01 business. <3 it!

  7. Oleg says:


  8. Oleg says:


  9. shizzle says:

    hey john,

    since you moved to, the feed at isn’t updated anymore. can you update that feed so it reflects your 086 and future sets? thanks!

  10. Sergie says:

    John ! U BEST !!

  11. jonny deep says:

    Oh dear. Looks like some people can’t handle the drumz !!

  12. SAL says:


  13. Max says:

    The music rocks as hell, great tracks of a great time.
    But next time please without MC, he destroys the atmosphere – like the one in the 85 Podcast of Bruchsal.

    • BenGentle says:

      Yeah man, MCs don’t work. It reminds me of’s incessant DJ break-ins every 20 seconds.
      But on the plus side, totally sweet drum add to “Valley Of The Shadows” by Origin Unknown!

  14. wacker says:

    Oh my good!!
    John B is the Best!!!!
    Unofficial ghost!! is a fuckingtune
    Very big classic set!!

  15. sheyku says:

    if some MC will beg to play with you…just shoot him pls

  16. Oleg Rud says:

    dear John
    music in podcast best
    dont play MC Favour! her bad MC very looooooooooong speeeach, dont speakkkkkkkkkk mc Favour
    podcast 86 – shit, sorry =(((
    your best podcasts 80, 82!!!!!!

  17. Neil says:

    The classic sets are my personal favorite. Yes, I am dating myself

  18. Hi there Johny 🙂

    Epic set as always, but there’s one thing that annoys me like hell. The crazy man speakin’ all the time. I HATE IT, I want to enjoy the music you’re playing, not to listen to some MC rubbish 🙁 It is really annoying, but I would be more upset if I paid an entrance fee for a gig of my favourite dnb DJ and was forced to listen to this “put your hands up in the aaaaaair, yeah yeah les go” all the time. Your own live comments earlier were much better.

  19. Tc2k3 says:

    JB love your music, this pod case was sadly ruined by the idiot on the mic, its a shame as #85 had the same problem.

    Roll on May 2011 podcast, May 2010 was AMAZING!!

  20. lea says:

    love the music, hate the insecure mc. no i do not want to say ‘fuck yeah’ every five seconds. this guy is repeating himself more than kylie minogue in ‘i should be so lucky’. get rid of him!!!!!!!!!

  21. EdModala says:

    Wicked set Mr John B. Always good to hear Secrets get drawn.

    Junglist trainspotters nitpick: half a dozen or so of these selections weren’t even glimmers in the eye of a cutting house when the Blue Note sessions were going down.

    Still, excellent selections.

  22. ninjah206 says:

    Yes yes John B! Big up metalheadz era, solid set! Respect to one of the original Kings of dnb!


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