Thursday, July 18th, 2024

John B Podcast 087: June 2011 Studio Mix


Back with almost 2 hours of music, we’ve got a gorgeous summer mix for you here, John B’s June 2011 studio mix. Loads of exciting new music, plenty of Drum & Bass, and even a few Electro/House/Acid tracks thrown in there… Enjoy!


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1. Electric Youth // Right Back To You (SkyWeep Re-Edit)
2. Brookes Brothers // Snowman (BBK)
3. Phace // Basic Memory
4. Wilkinson // Every Time [Ram]
5. Hybris // Keeping Me
6. Jessie J // Nobody’s Perfect [Netsky Remix]
7. Wilkinson // Overdose
8. Shockone feat Phetsta // Crucify (Pt 1 DJ Edit)
9. Livewire // Don’t Let Go
10. Cube // Sleepless
11. Woody // Star Glider
12. Pendulum // Still Grey
13. Capone // Paradise
14. Digital Nation // Aisle 13
15. Icicle // Nausea
16. Hybrid Minds Feat. Grimm // This Morning
17. Chris.SU // Higher (feat. Mira PH)
18. Nectar & Ambrosia // THE BLEEPER WE DEEP
19. Brookes Brothers // Daybreak ft. Tasha Baxter (BBK)
20. Blu Mar Ten // Still The One
*TEASE* Adam F // Aromatherapy
21. Depeche Mode // Personal Jesus (Eric Prydz Remix)
22. Feed Me // Talk To Me
23. TWR72 // Future Tool
24. BeatauCue // Disque Oh! (High Rankin Remix)
25. Receptor // Kislorod
26. Above & Beyond // Thing Called Love ft. Richard Bedford (Nu:Tone Remix)
27. Melotronics // Cyber Lovers (Cube Remix)
28. Adult // New Object
29. Basher // Devotion
30. Need For Mirrors // Retrograde
31. State of Mind // Mass Media [Subsonik Sound]
32. Above & Beyond // Sun & Moon (Zardonic Remix) [PODCAST BIG TUNE!)
33. Blokhe4d & Cabbie // Dive [Formation]
34. Camo & Krooked  // Breezeblock [Hospital]
35. Trippcore // I Believe
36. DJ Fresh // Louder (Drumsound & Bassline smith remix)
37. Skrillex // Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Dirtyphonics Remix)


24 Responses to “John B Podcast 087: June 2011 Studio Mix”
  1. Hrafntinna says:

    Thanks, Johnny!!!

  2. Yay ! Good ol’ ELECTROPUNKROCKDRUMNBASS John B is back !!! Absolutely epic set, enjoying every second so far 🙂 Thanx a lot for hearing our prayers and bringing this drum’n’blossom 🙂

  3. Exile Russia says:

    Thank you from Russia!

  4. СЭЛ says:

    Ну наконец то джон ну ты короче как всегда супер секасный подкаст всек!)мне оч понравилось спасибо что рецептора продвигаешь RESPECT MAN!!!

  5. Olekskiy says:

    Nice one! 🙂

  6. Krasnapolsky says:

    awesome podcast!!!
    don’t let go really sticks out here… perfect track.

  7. alex says:

    I’ve been waiting a long time for a new studio mix.


  8. DeadSilence says:

    First track is sick!

  9. eLiah says:

    I really enjoy your podcasts. Unreleased tracks in good mix! big up

  10. Maximilian says:

    Damn John B, this podcast shows how much you miss her. I miss her, too. Whatever happened to you two? You guys were my idea of the perfect relationship. You seemed so close. Nonetheless, that’s all over now.

    Someone better is coming soon. Just try to behave yourself this time around, Okay?

  11. BenGentle says:

    Gotzki loves thay Grussian acksint! Translation: Gotta love that Russian accent! Cube is tearing waves with his remix of “Cyber Lovers.” It makes me want to listen to “Russian Bride” But I give myself pause, while “Emily” is great by itself, I wonder what it too would sound like weeth Grussian akksint?!

  12. Jeka says:

    I’m on the wave!!! shit! damn fuckin crazy! John! OHMYGODABLE!!!

  13. ahules says:

    Good, good, good. Give more. Hello from Mariupol)

  14. Fianhe says:

    Oh like in good old times. Ive been waiting podcast like so damn long since august 2010

  15. David says:


  16. Wasabi says:

    Nice new voice :o)

  17. Rosti says:

    G O R G E O U S ! ! ! T H X @:-)

  18. Zardonic says:

    Forgot to show you some love on your page, my bad. Thanks for playing my A&B remix man 🙂 <3

  19. Николай says:

    просто супер, можно слушать до бесконечности….

  20. king says:

    Above & Beyond // Sun & Moon (Zardonic Remix)
    очень охуенный трек
    <3 you John

  21. Jasmo says:

    Great song that

    Electric Youth // Right Back To You (SkyWeep Re-Edit)

    Hope I could get it from somewhere!


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