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John B Podcast 089: Live @ Sun & Bass 2011


Episode 89 is here! We’ve got a live recording of John B’s set at Ambre Night during the Sun & Bass Festival in San Teodoro in Sardinia, back in September 2011. John B played a lovely set, right across the board of Drum & Bass, in the open air, right until closing at 5am – and here it is!


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Episode 89 Tracklisting:

1. Nero // New Life (John B Hollywood voiceover guy Intro version)
2. Wolfgang Gartner // Illmerica (Loadstar Remix)
3. Metrik // More Than Words
4. Camo & Krooked // The Portal
5. Cube // Sleepless
6. John B // Light Speed 2011 (feat.NSG)
7. Camo & Krooked // Make The Call (DnB Mix)
8. Wilkinson // Refugee (Mastered)
9. Ed Sheeran // You Need Me, I Don’t Need You (Loadstar Remix)
10. Critical Impact // Komonazmuk Translation
11. Doc Scott // Unofficial Ghost
12. Krust // Soul in Motion
13. Solid State // Just A Vision (Marcus Intalex & ST Files Remix)
14. Brookes Brothers // Not Just Yet (BBK)
15. Enei // Movin Fast [Critical]
16. Renegade & Trema // Gota Do
17. Dillinja // This Is A Warning
18. Lenny Fontana Pres. Black Sun // Spread Love (Nutone Remix)
19. Agent Alvin // This Feeling
20. Furlonge // Reach Out
21. Icicle // Nausea
22. Culture Shock // Protection
23. Calibre // CLOSING DOORS
24. Adam F // Circles
25. Sinistarr ft. Grimm // Anything
26. DJ Die // Autumn
27. The Burbs // History
28. Gmorozov // Acid #2
30. Deadmau5 // Raise Your Weapon (Camo & Krooked Bootleg RMX)
31. Laidback Luke vs Example // Natural Disaster (Andy C Remix)
32. Hot Pink Delorean // Move It! feat. Rory Lyons
33. Nari, Milani // Kendo
34. Daft Punk // End Of Line (Boys Noize Remix)
35. Camo & Krooked // Anubis
36. Rido & Hybris // First Contact
37. John B feat. Jillian Ann // Love Again
38. Loadstar // Berlin
39. Swedish House Mafia // Save The World (Futurebound & Metrik Remix)
40. Terravita // Nail In The Coffin [Beta]
41. Noisia & Phace // Floating Zero (Icicle Remix)
42. John B feat. Code 64 // The Journey
43. John B // Robot Lover
44. John B // Numbers (Camo & Krooked VIP Remix)
45. Receptor // Kislorod
46. Above & Beyond // Sun & Moon (Zardonic Remix)
47. John B / Shaz Sparks // Red Sky
48. A-Ha // Take On Me (John B Remix)
49. Derrick May // Strings Of Life
50. Joe Smooth // Promised Land
51. Orbital // Chime


14 Responses to “John B Podcast 089: Live @ Sun & Bass 2011”
  1. DeadSilence says:


  2. John B says:

    Could someone post the link and tracklist up on the DNBA forum please? I can’t ever get into my account there…

  3. dszilike says:

    The firts track is not Welcome Reality, it is New Life. Am I right?! Should be corrected. 🙂

  4. Oleg Rusakevich says:

    October, Cube, Slepleeeeeeeeeeeees, Ladys Sammer, show must go on 🙂

  5. zakkerone says:

    this podcast is amazing, its so natural) ravysoulful. definetly something happened, not each podcast brings your attention for its full length! thanks!

  6. kred says:

    John, have you got the audio for the 80’s electro selection you played at the beach? Make it your next podcast (as MC GQ would say) please please PLEASE!

  7. danik says:

    миксы все на улёт,сильно разкачюешь!!!!John B респект!!!

  8. LmX says:

    Amazing as usual!

  9. Vasiliy says:

    Thank You, John. I can’t imagine my day without your music. It’s perfect, it gives me supply of energy every day!!! You are my teacher like Napoleon Hill or Arnold Schwarzenegger. Thank you very very much and be happy!!!!!!!!

  10. slimjim says:

    Not feeling this at all which is a shame as I usually cant get enough of you podcasts :o(

    Just didn’t feel like there was any progression or build up to the different genres in the mix, very up and down on the genre switching which is normally cool, just didnt feel it worked or flowed very well..

    Also whats with the Viagra adverts over on the bottom right of this page??

  11. Will says:

    I’m not a fan of the vocals over Lightspeed, much preferred the instrumental version…but I just generally prefer instrumentals. Looking forward to Sleepless coming out…do we have a date yet? Also looking forward to new Gmorozov and Receptor tunes too. What ever happened to Indivision – Do not Jump? i thought it was signed to Beta and due for summer release?…summer’s unfortunately over John! Any news on release dates? Keep up the good work, Will

  12. Ardi Coetzee says:

    Sick mix as always! But any chance you could add a cue file?

  13. Felipe says:

    bonkers this mix was pumping i enjoyed it very much props ! peace

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