Thursday, July 18th, 2024

John B Podcast 094: Spring 2012 Studio Mix


Time for a new Studio Mix!


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1. Bulb & Cahb feat. Coma // Nocturne [Artist Recordings]
2. John B // Robot Lover (Phrenzy Remix) [Beta Recordings]
3. S.P.Y. // Sleepy Hollow [Hospital Records]
4. Dub Phizix // Codec
5. Lenzman feat. Riya // How Did I Let You Go
6. Angie Stone // Whish I didn’t miss You (Paimon & Place 2b Bootleg)
7. Rudimental // Feel the Love (Cutline Remix)
8. Maverick Sabre // I used to have it all (Delta Heavy Remix)
9. Prototypes // Abyss
10. Gmorozov // Internet=Hate (Tobax Remix)
11. Xilent // Twisted [AudioPorn]
12. ** JOHN B PODCAST BIG TUNE ** L Plus // Challenger [Technique]
13. Camo & Krooked ft. Jenna G // Lost In The Future [Hospital]
14. Ad Gannon // Space Snake
15. Loadstar // Second Skin
16. Cube // Shine on You [Beta]
17. Sigma feat. Takura // Summer Days
18. Maldini // Snapfish
19. Zero T & Beta 2 // Chestplate
20. Potential Badboy // Been With You
21. Dexcell & Lethargik // Inner City
22. Metrik // Flightwave
23. TC // No One
24. Delta Heavy // End of Days
25. Bungle feat. Ayah Marar // The Siren (Camo & Krooked Remix)
26. Delta Heavy // Get By (Delta 174 Mix)
27. Logistics // Crystal Skies
28. Matrix & Futurebound feat. Luke Bingham // All I Know
29. Seven Lions feat. Shaz Sparks // Below Us (Smooth’s DnB Remix)
30. Xilent // Do It


29 Responses to “John B Podcast 094: Spring 2012 Studio Mix”
  1. 9ink6 says:

    Суперский подкаст

  2. The epic one ! []-)

  3. Tobax says:

    kool! thanks 4 support John 🙂

  4. Bulb says:

    Thanks for support mr. B!

  5. Fian says:

    I was waiting this like…forever.

  6. Oleg says:

    Thx 4 podcast!!!! Your best!!:)

  7. SAW II says:

    Super PODCOST!

  8. ConstanTeen says:

    Как всегда на высшем уровне !

  9. aerax says:

    Отличный подкаст!!!!! Отличное настроение!!!! Спс тебе Джон!!!!

  10. Юрец says:

    Отличный, воистину новый подкаст. Thank You John!

    • Hardja says:

      Yes, it confirms what I ardlaey knew as well.For those who think suboxone is NOT a long term strategy, I sure would like to know what is. I have been in this business as a provider for 18yrs. It has been a godsend for these folks as I remember the suffering these clients would go through prior to suboxone. Our next challenge is to see if vivitrol pans out for opiate dependence. Many people may prefer it as it is not an opiate. We’ll just have to see, but at 1,200.00 a shot, yikes!

  11. Aleksei says:

    BULb! Not BLUb
    Excellent podcast!

  12. Przemyslaw says:

    Thanks a lot John!

  13. fatboy says:

    Very good podcast John, so fresh!

  14. difosfor says:

    Thanks for making another studio remix!
    Not a big fan of Dubstep though, would prefer some more Neurofunk/crazy russian/Noisia/Electro influences personally. Maybe I’m just getting old 😉

  15. John B says:

    There is no dubstep at all on this mix, it is all 174 bpm D&B…

  16. I love JohnB. Fuck yeah! Rock on

  17. Max says:

    C’mon John,

    There shouldn’t have been misbehavior. ‘Someone’ broke the rules and now she’s gone. End of. You’ve got lots of fine prospects elsewhere. Maybe not the intellectual content present within them as was with Hayley but there’s no reason to succumb to this kind of adolescent behavior.


  18. Effgen says:

    Отличный микс!!! John you’re the BEST!!!

  19. BNJIku says:

    why it don`t download?

  20. John B says:

    Just tested it and it downloads fine for me 🙂

  21. Xzl says:

    Awesome dude, keep it up !!!

  22. Akex Kz Baster says:

    Tnx Dude , keep this way <3

  23. greenj2 says:

    Killer studio mix as usual, sir. Much thanks! 😀

    Delta Heavy’s ‘End of Days’ is driving me nuts in that I’m sure I’ve heard it before, only it sounded slightly different. Possibly an earlier version. Possibly on a previous studio mix. Help anyone?

  24. Vladislav says:

    John, you drum style very interesting…. havent analog… all the best

  25. adam says:

    hi john b, how are you

  26. Dagred says:

    Bulb & Cahb feat. Coma // Nocturne [Artist Recordings] epic

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