Sunday, August 25th, 2019

John B goes to Wroclaw in Poland to play the Creamfields Poland Festival in August of 2008. Watch out for the return of the mighty Sideboob, absolute monster mudbath rave, thigh-high PVC boots covered in mud, but then miraculously cleaned with the hotel shoe-cleaner-machine. Frank – the machine of a German Techno DJ. And John […]

Another video posted up for your enjoyment… This one was filmed in late August at the John B Radio Record gig in Donskoy City, a city about 2-3 hours drive from Moscow. The promoter was actually a local government official, really cool guy who wanted to build up his town into a sort of Russian […]

Lovely video from the promoters in Budapest. Footage of the John B gigs at CCX in Nove Zamky in Slovakia on Jan 26th & at A38 in Budapest, Hungary on Saturday 27th Jan 2007. Also features John B visiting the studios of RadioCafe in Budapest for an interview and live mix.

Another quick John B tour video – John B in Kiev, Ukraine this time and a very Orwellian Apartment… ttp://

Footage from John B in Australia in November 2006, then Czech Republic at club Fleda on Dec 15th then Tenby in Wales on Dec 16th.

John B on tour in Moscow – Djing at a club called ‘Persona grata’ and visiting the Kremlin and Red Sqare the day afterwards. Oh, and being drunk and wearing a Russian Army hat talking about fighting bears… The usual…

Continued – also including footage from Paris the day after. A VERY drunken John B rambing in French in the car after the party. Embarrassing…

John B’s tour video from Iceland, this October. Rather cold. Geeeeyzers, Potato stuff, no sleep and puffins. Part 1 of 2.

John B Tour video from the Winter Music Conference in Miami, March 2005.

More John B on tour footage. Booyah!! This time in France, with Skibba & Gen Dub, then Spain at a heeewaggge festival – then on to Krasnodar in the darkest depths of Russia! SISKI PISKI PIZDETZ! Subscribe to the podcast and whack it on your lovely iPod! You can also watch the video on YouTube […]